What is Uphold the Garnet & Gold?

Uphold the Garnet & Gold is meant to encourage civil behavior on campus and in the larger community. To Uphold the Garnet & Gold is to demonstrate the values of Florida State; good sportsmanship at athletic events, listening to and respecting different opinions, and respecting the values and views of others are just some of the ways you can Uphold the Garnet & Gold!

The Uphold the Garnet & Gold Coins

Uphold the Garnet & Gold CoinTo spread the message of Uphold the Garnet & Gold, several gold coins have been given out to various members of the University community. When these people see someone acting in a way that upholds the values of Florida State, they will give a gold coin to that person. That person in turn will then pass it on to someone else when they do something that upholds the Garnet & Gold. The goal is not to hold on to a coin, but to pass it on, and then do something to receive another one - to "pay it forward."

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